What to do after a DWI arrest in NJ

When a law enforcement officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI, it is natural to feel stress, uncertainty, and a host of other emotions. When your nerves and fears take over, it can be difficult to remain calm and think clearly.

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  • DO NOT plead guilty to charges

  • DO NOT hire an attorney simply because they are the cheapest

  • DO NOT ignore the summons

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What to do after a drunk driving arrest in NJ

Although driving under the influence arrests are intimidating, you should try to compose yourself and do the following:

Contact an experienced New Jersey DUI Attorney

Not all attorneys have the same level of experience. So, before you settle on an attorney to help you with your case, compare their level of experience to other DWI attorneys.

Some attorneys handle a wide variety of fields, including real estate, bankruptcy, traffic court, and criminal offenses. Since the penalties for DWI are severe, your attorney should understand New Jersey DWI laws, have relevant DWI experience, and have a track record of getting charges reduced, dismissed, or won.

With over 35 years of DWI experience as a DWI prosecutor and DWI defense lawyer, Attorney Christopher L. Baxter provides the skills and knowledge necessary to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Write down the details of the arrest

The outcome of your DWI case depends on the details you gather and present to the court. It would help if you documented everything from the DWI stop.

Write down everything that happened during the last 12 hours before the incident. Also, document where you were before the stop and where you were headed. Do not share these details with anyone except your criminal defense lawyer.

Set your social media account to private

Your online posts can be used against you in court. Prosecutors often review DWI defendant’s social profiles, looking for incriminating photos or posts. These posts can be presented out of context and hurt your credibility, leading to a conviction.

What happens after a DWI arrest?

After getting arrested, you’ll have to appear in court for an arraignment. The judge will read the charges against you and ask for your plea. At this point, you should have a DWI defense attorney by your side.

Usually, the arraignment is the second stage. The first, third, and fourth stages are:

Arrest, charging, and booking

All DWI cases start with an arrest. But before the arrest, the police officer should have probable cause to pull you over. This could be you were swerving between lines, forgot to indicate at a turn, or you were driving too slow or too fast.

They should explain these reasons before the arrest and while conducting field sobriety tests (FSTs). If they find evidence to justify their suspicion, they’ll proceed with the arrest and take you to a police station for a breath test.

If your blood alcohol content surpasses the legal limit (0.08%), you’ll be booked and charged with DWI. While you can refuse to participate in the FSTs, you are required by law to submit to a chemical breath test.

Evidence discovery

After the arraignment, your defense lawyer will receive evidence against you from the state to prepare for the case. We’ll review the evidence for any faults, including a faulty breath instrument, lack of probable cause for the stop, or improper use of the breath instrument.

If, after reviewing the evidence, there’s no plea arrangement with the prosecution, the case goes to municipal court. The judge presiding over the trial will make the final decision. If you’re found guilty, you’ll be penalized according to New Jersey’s DWI laws.

At trial, Attorney Baxter could present defenses, which include:

  • Challenging whether or not you were driving
  • The breath test reliability
  • The improper administration of roadside sobriety testing

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