Overturning Your Prior Conviction

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While at first you might think it is impossible to reverse a prior DWI conviction, there is actually a procedure in the law which does allow such a reversal in limited circumstances. Although the process is complicated, the results can be worth it. Our DWI lawyer at the Law Offices of Christopher L. Baxter has helped numerous clients seek and achieve an overturned conviction to protect their future.

Post-Conviction Relief for DWI

The law allows for a person previously convicted of a DWI violation to petition the court for post-conviction relief (“PCR”). When an individual applies for PCR, you are basically asking the court to reopen your case and vacate the original finding of guilt. In certain circumstances, the previous conviction will be vacated or a court order may be entered preventing any new judge from using the old conviction for sentencing purposes. This is critical if you have prior DWI convictions and are facing enhanced penalties such as additional driver’s license loss or mandatory jail time.

When applying for a post-conviction relief, you can expect:

  • A lawyer will have to obtain all records from your previous case and transcripts from trial / sentencing.

  • Our firm can advise you whether you have an appropriate ground on which to make a PCR application.

  • If you are successful, your prior DWI conviction could be reopened and possibly reversed.

The PCR procedure is complicated and many attorneys do not understand it or refuse to do it. Our firm has successfully handled such complicated PCR matters for our clients.

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If you believe you have a DWI conviction which warrants a review and examination for possible post-conviction relief, you should contact a DWI attorney immediately. There are significant time limitations within which a PCR application can be filed and we can help you through the process.

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