Drug-Related DWI Charges

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If you are pulled over in Cherry Hill, it is important to know that a DWI charge doesn’t just mean under the influence of alcohol. Drug-related DWI can also be charged to a driver who is driving with an altered state because of controlled substances or prescription drugs. Because they often involve illegal substances, these cases are handled differently and the Cherry Hill DWI lawyer you hire should have extensive experience in this specific area of law.

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Challenging the Evidence

DWI cases involving drugs are a bit more complex than those involving alcohol because the testing is different. Whereas law enforcement uses breathalyzers and field sobriety tests in order to determine a drunk driver, cases involving drugs must utilize a blood or urine test in order to show a controlled substance or prescription medication in your system. Because of this, we can build a specific defense for you to challenge the evidence against you.

Prosecution has the responsibility of the following:

  • They must have the lab technician testify in court. Simply presenting the written results is no longer enough.

  • The individual who took your blood or urine (or the officer who took your urine) must be present for the trial.

  • Without proof of chain of custody regarding your test results, these samples may be removed from the evidence.

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